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Flight on a hang-glider

Primorsky Krai, Nakhodka city district, the Bay of Livadia

Flight on a hang-glider over the coast - one of the favorite activities of the coastal inhabitants. Feel free and watch the sea with altitude can people with high physical training.

The flight should start with a small elevation or hill, where the device is on take the dispersal and spread their wings. Hang, picking up the ascending current of air, gaining height, and then decreases until the contact with new threads. Landing the first stage of training cause some difficulties, you want to keep the center of gravity and the look is smooth and free space.

For practicing the sport need to pass an initial training course to learn how to control a flying machine and then if you want to buy a personal glider. The hang gliding are held in different parts of the Primorsky region, but the most popular are the coastal zone, bays and beaches.

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