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The camp recreation "De-Livron"

Primorsky Krai, Nakhodka city district, the village of Livadia

Recreation "De-Livron", located on the Cape De Livron, near the beautiful sandy beach. At the recreation base "De-Livron", you can fully enjoy the beauty of nature of Primorye and the generosity of gifts of the sea of Japan.

The territory is closed to outsiders and is located in the ecologically clean area (near the mushroom forest, lives in the sea: sea cucumber, oyster, scallop, octopus, mussels, various fish species, crab).

The territory of the recreation De-Livron" closed to outsiders and is located near mushroom forest, and the sea can please the fans of underwater hunting: sea cucumber, oyster, scallop, octopus, mussels, crab, various fish species.

Two-storey house divided into four living quarters. Each floor has two rooms with separate entrance. First floor - four on the second floor - triple room. In each room: fridge, cooker, kettle, mattresses, blankets, pillows, electricity is constant. The cabins are located in the forest area, there is access to two beaches. To sandy, from one side (100 meters) and rocky, on the other (about 100 meters). Sunblock on site.

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