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The Miginskaya winery

Primorsky Krai, Shkotovsky district, village Anisimovka, street smolnaja 11

Mashinskoe winery it was founded in 2004. Specializiruetsya on the production of wines from wild plants. The goal of the winery is the production of good local wine. Advantages Mashinskoe winery:

- When creating a wine does not use chemicals;

- The farm offers tours and wine tastings;

Tasting the winemaker holds directly;

- The main wine – "Mashinskoe" dry red from the Amur grapes.

For visitors are offered accommodation in the guest house, a bathhouse and a summer pool, a picnic area on the lake, outdoor activities: mountain trekking and Hiking, Cycling, skiing, ice skating and tubing, a plein air and photo shoots, gathering and participation in the economy. Tasting is conducted by appointment in groups of no more than 15 people.

Mashinskii wine: 1. Actinidia arguta, white dry; 2. Amur grape, red dry; 3. Currant, red sweet; 4. Viburnum, red semisweet; 5. Lemongrass, red sweet. 6. Floral, semi-sweet white; 7. Raspberries, red semi-sweet; 8. Honeysuckle, red semi-sweet; 9. "PORTMAY" (port) semi-sweet red.

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