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The monument to the sailor for luck

Primorsky Krai, Vladivostok, Okeanskiy Prospekt street

The monument to the sailor for luck was opened in Vladivostok on 15 January 2013, it is located at the crossroads of the Central streets of the city - Ocean Avenue and Admiral Fokin. The idea of creating the monument belongs to Ruslan Vakulik, which was realized thanks to the support of the city authorities and the Guild of the artists of Vladivostok.

The sculpture depicts the image of the typical sailor who serves in the border fleet and has just arrived from an overseas trip. In Vladivostok, the sailor was the first monument that reflects the culture and characteristics of life in the city with a touch of light humor. It is possible to hug, shake hands, take pictures.

Some parts of the body connected one of the traditions of the city. It is believed that if you RUB the sailor's nose or thumb, it is good luck and luck.

Figure of a sailor, foreign-going vessels symbolizes the image of the national hero of Vladivostok, most of whom worked in the Maritime business. His discovery later resulted in the discovery of monuments of the other heroes of the city: Katyusha, Eleanor prey, etc.

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