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Eighth factory shop "Dagdizel"

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-Factory "Dagdizel" — machine-building plant in Kaspiysk, Test station of naval armament, and Makhachkala "Fort Boyard". In Soviet times it was forbidden not something to photograph and discuss the shop, even look and discuss it aloud was desirable.

One of the oldest and largest industrial enterprises in Dagestan, founded in 1932. In Soviet times, was one of the leading diesel and tobedestroyed plants of the USSR.

One of the workshops of the plant (plant No. 8). in 1934-38, was built right in the sea, on a stone base placed on the seabed. first, on the shore of a Foundation pit was dug, it was built the base of the plant, after which the pit was connected with the sea and propriophenone condition the base is towed to the installation site where dosatore and continued building.

Was told that the chief engineer turned gray, when the base is not surfaced, and the water level has reached the estimated. By the way, the curator of the building itself was Sergo Ordzhonikidze.

In 1936, the plant manufactured the pilot batch of products, in 1939, had reached capacity. He was one of the few tobedestroyed enterprises of the USSR; in 1939 the factory produced torpedoes 134, in 1940 — 628, and in 1941 — 3246. The beginning of the war the production area of the plant was about 113 thousand square meters, it worked 6 thousand. in Addition to the production area in building 8, the shop had a lift, dining room, hotel gym and a library, and almost anywhere floors were covered with parquet.

In the beginning of the great Patriotic war, the plant mastered the production of new types of weapons and ammunition for the war effort: air and depth bombs, anti-aircraft shells and mines, company and battalion mortars, PCA and anti-tank hedgehogs. In the fall of 1941 the village was Dvigatelestroenija, placed and employed evacuated from the front line workers in related enterprises of Sochi, Kiev and Taganrog, and the Tokmak plant named after Kirov has embraced the plant No. 182. However, a year later, in mid-summer 1942, Makhachkala was in the front line and the plant was again forced to evacuate, this time to Alma-ATA (in part also in Petropavlovsk), where he founded the Almaty machine-building plant named after S. M. Kirov. Although the construction of the plant had to start from scratch, by 1943, production was launched and the plant started producing torpedoes 53-38U and 53-39.

After the War work in the 8th workshop was unexpectedly terminated, the building was virtually abandoned, that has generated a lot of speculation and legends. The silhouette of the legendary shop immortalized on the arms of the city of Kaspiysk. Now the plant - haven for rats, seagulls, and the resting place of marine poachers.

In 1966, at the marine base of the plant conducted tests of ekranoplan KM. After the object is no longer used by the plant, although remains still.

Zavod Dagdizel successfully operates until now. But not his 8th, sea, shop

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