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According to statistics, every second mosque operating in Russia is in Dagestan. However, in the medieval period of its history Dagestan was predominantly Christian. The Christian Kingdom was Caucasian Albania, which included the lands of southern Dagestan. It was the medieval Christian Avar Kingdom of Sarir, the center of which was in Khunzakh. In its heyday Sarir was part of the "Byzantine Commonwealth of Nations" (in the words of Dimitri Obolensky) - a Union of Eastern Christian countries under the auspices of the Byzantine Empire. Even deeper Sarir had with Georgia: the first inscriptions on Avar made Georgian letter. Subsequently, the Avars were Islamized, and it seems that the commitment of the Avars monotheistic values is largely due to long-term, more than a thousand years of existence of the world's monotheistic religions in the Avar land. Patimat Tanaev recently made a journey in the footsteps of the Christian Avar antiquities. Currently, when talking about the conflict between Islam and Christianity, such studies are very important. We offer our readers two excerpts from her book, which is currently being prepared for publication.

In the ancient Georgian written sources of the medieval Dagestan assumes the existence Husskii and Anzujska dioceses - of the Metropolitan of Georgian Orthodox Church. Most likely, during this period there takes place the construction of churches. There is only one completely preserved architectural monument of Christianity - Tutunska Church, Dating from the end of X - beginning of XI century In the result of archaeological research discovered eight diverse churches (VII-XIV centuries). Clearly, the number of churches that existed in the mountainous Dagestan, the X-XIV centuries exceeds the number of known historical science today. It is no accident in the Georgian chronicle of the XV century author wrote bitterly about the Inner Dagestan polykurovsky time: "...in Lezgistan there are also other churches and monasteries, some of which are built of hewn stone and some in ruins, others empty, and still others converted into mosques". In total on the territory of the Accident, according to different sources - the information of Georgian Chronicles, the authors of the XIX century, local folk traditions (in some cases securely supported by the lifting of archaeological material), aware of the existence of 18 churches.

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