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The square VSUES

Primorsky Krai, Vladivostok, Gogol St., 41

Square VSUES is located in the heart of the University campus. Special attention to the management of the University pays the care of the adjacent territory. Therefore, regularly landing Derev, shrubs and brought new copies.

While pine is the only copy – a gift to the University from the Department of environment and natural resources in honor of its 10th anniversary.

Occasional groves of pine gustotsvetkovy preserved only in the Khasan district of Primorsky Krai. It differs from other coniferous unusual fluffiness due to the fact that the tops of the branches thickly studded with buds, and subsequently small cones.

Engineer landscape gardening VSUES Vitaly Konenkov has made many successful changes in the University square. Ayan spruce planted in front of the main entrance of VSUES; on the slopes adjacent to the sports complex "champion", root 75 Manchurian pictochat grapes and girlish. Along the road leading to the "Champ", came sea the rose – the flowers of this variety the largest. Along the metal fence of the campus planted vines kirkazona Manchu, Actinidia kolomikta and Actinidia Arguta (Kish-Mish).
A collection of square added the Manchurian maple, Amur velvet, hydrangea, pear, Ussuri and other plants. The entrance to the rock Garden was adorned with weeping willow.

It is worth saying that in two years has grown relict yew at the alley foreign students, perfectly caught the bushes of mock orange (Jasmine), which last year bloomed and gave abundant seeds. On the walk dosageno fir Manchurian.

Square VSUES is one of the most popular and enjoyable destinations of local and foreign students, but also inhabitants of nearby houses and the tourists.

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