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The contact zoo Inotia"

Primorsky Krai, Vladivostok, Zhigura St. 26

"The country of Enote" - a petting zoo, which opened in late September. Unusual for the Vladivostok facility is located on Zhigura, 26. Its doors are open from ten am to ten PM every day for children and adults. Everyone is welcome to come here to see and pet, feed and photograph - living in the "land" animals. Pony, raccoon and rabbits, hedgehogs, Guinea pigs, Landrace pigs, tortoises, meerkats and other animals. Attentive staff monitors your Pets, so they're always healthy (this is confirmed by mandatory veterinary inspections), full and happy life.

Animals quickly settled into the zoo, not afraid of visitors and give pleasure to stroke himself and eat with hands. Please note that feeding them is allowed only food bought at the zoo.

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