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The sculptural complex"Trianon"

Primorsky Krai, Vladivostok, Gogol St., 41

The sculptural complex "Trianon" of stone was designed in the winter of 2001 with the support of the free sculptor Fatovich Mansur Yakubov. Initially it was planned to create 3 sculptures: the Nude, the Sphinx and the Ark. Subsequently, their number was reduced to 2.

The main idea of the sculptural complex is the spiral of evolution and its main components. The figures are arranged strictly in accordance with the specified number and at the same distance from each other. The center of the spiral is 2.5 meters from the figure of the Sphinx. Itself has a beneficial influence on the environment and adjacent streets and homes. After its construction has become safer passage for pedestrians.

Along with this, the complex "Trianon" according to its functional value contributes to the vitality of the students, banishing the remnants of their sleep. Also the helical arrangement of the sculptures, provided a personal visit by students and residents of Vladivostok and visitors to the city will increase their performance and efficiency.

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