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Horseback riding

Primorsky Krai, the Bay Shhitovaya, Shhitovaya St. 38

Horseback riding is a free stop under the guidance of an experienced instructor, enjoying the landscape, a sense of mission, courage and confidence with each step reliable horse.

Newcomers better to go on easy trails and tours, to learn to stay in the saddle, control the horse, this in all the equestrian clubs has a service "First walk". The instructor guides you through the initial training, tell the safety, do a few laps for the reason, allow and monitor your management of the horse

If the visitors are set up to teach riding, then you can use warm season for horse riding. The variety of walking routes, riding, variations of which each time becomes more and more. Natural scenery constantly surprises.

Seaside club of fans of horses "Cavalcade" is the perfect horse club:

for horse lovers who value safety while walking;

- beginner riders who are suitable for leisurely rides;

- for lovers of scenic natural landscapes, able to appreciate the silence of the forest, rich colors of the seasons, the intoxicating smells of cedar forest - wood tar, pine needles, and mushrooms.

- for lovers of clean and healthy air, providing energy for the whole week.






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