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Square sister cities

Primorsky Krai, Vladivostok, the Square of the twin cities

In the city center of Vladivostok, at the intersection of Semyonovskaya and Edge is a square of the twin cities. Residents often call it square with the elephants. This name was derived from the figures of the green elephant, which was located here until 2010. Later, the elephant was removed, Its place within a green square took the marble arch with the names of the twin cities on the Russian and English languages. To the great joy of the locals, the elephants have returned to their old place almost a year. In our time the figure consists of three green elephants, with forged heads. The trunks of mighty elephants have one lantern that houses a defenseless kitten.

A feature of the Park is a series of eleven marble arches, each of which is written the name of one of the twin cities:

— Niigata, Japan

— Hakodate, Japan

— Akita, Japan

San Diego, USA

Juneau, United States

— Tacoma, USA

— Busan, Republic Of Korea

— Wonsan, North Korea

Dalian, China

Manta, Ecuador

— Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia).

Square sister cities is quite green, despite the fact that it is located near the center of a big city. Its territory is covered with many old plantings and young trees, shrubs and herbaceous vegetation. For the youngest visitors there is an interesting Playground with entertainment. With plenty of Park benches, so feel the fatigue from the walk have a place to relax, enjoy the lush greenery and watch the children. Alleys of the Park in the evening well-lit.

The walls of the buildings surrounding the square are full of colorful original graffiti drawings. In their creation involved the world-known masters of street art. So, in 2013, there appeared the graffiti of the DNA molecule, symbolizing the unity of all people. Near drawn the character for "Connection between people". But the brightest spot in the Park - a tiger's face surrounded by hands of people who hold on to each other. In addition, there is a stone of friendship - this historical monument was laid in honor of the friendly relations between Primorye and Japan.

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