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The monument of Kronid Korenovo

Primorsky Krai. Partizansk. Kronid Korenova st. 33

In the Park school No. 3 in the town of partizánske is a monument to Kronid Korenovo. Kronid Korenov – commander of a Special Komsomol youth guerrilla group, died during the civil war.

Half-length portrait of civil war hero, made of cast iron, installed on a low pedestal.

Korennov during the civil war demonstrated all their strength, bravery, and power, making forays into the enemy camp, experiencing the difficulties of detention. In connection with the arrest of Kronid, white authorities appealed to those who Suchanska mine wanted to take up arms with the request to release the defender of the Motherland, but the attempts were in vain. 21 Mar 1922 Kronid Korenov fled. Its further path is uncertain.

There are many versions of the death of Koren, the most common is the murder itself in the basement of the people's House. In the late sixties of the last century, about forty metres from the House of Pioneers (the former people's House) found a skeleton of an unknown man. Examination conducted in the regional Department of the MIA, found that the victim was taller than average, about 26-30 years. On the bones have not found traces from stabbing and gunshot wounds. Most likely, their deaths were more common and more characteristic of those years. Indigenous and Zaitsev, as the "Treatment" of white, was taken to the prison of Vladivostok, and was killed on the way. This is not just done both white and red. After the civil war civilians, for decades, found in the forest, in fields, along Railways and roads, the remains of people dressed in military uniforms and civilian clothes. Documents, as a rule, when they were not. To determine which of the opposing parties they belonged to, was only possible when the presence or absence of shoulder straps in the form of the dead.

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