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Mountain Climer

C. Miciurin Shamil district

Intermountain in Dagestan on the border gunibskogo and Shamil districts stands out for its relative height and the original form of the mountain called Timer, translated from the Avar language means "Saddle mountain". Sometimes that mountain uplift in the popular literature, also called "the Suitcase." Indeed, the external shape of the mountain to some extent similar to a cavalry saddle or a suitcase. In 1937 in a climbing Climer was attended by 30 Khunzakh Komsomol members, including two girls. People's poet of Dagestan Gamzat Tsadasa put the song "Storm Climera recruits". In this song, widely popular in those years, with their peculiar Gamzat subtle humor exposes the legend of boudlal, bereberes deer that live here. Rising, Timer, you can see the enchanting the imagination with the beauty of nature Dagestan. The plateau in clear weather you can see amazing and unique landscapes of Mountainous Dagestan. As if a hand from here to Khunzakh plateau with falling from its slopes, beautiful waterfalls or to gunibskogo plateau on top of which the emerald-green flaunts a birch grove. If you believe the stories of brave souls who climbed to Timer here during the day in clear weather you may see in the sky the flickering stars. Apparently, the impact of exceptional purity and transparency of the mountain air, it is discharged, etc. In General, Timer (2456 m) is a plateau towering over the lonely expanding here in the valleys of the Avar Koisu and Karakoysu. In its structure, Climer is a typical table mountain synclinal form. Formed by four horizons solid limestones and Dolomites of lower Cretaceous and upper Jurassic, it is as if on a pedestal of clay-shale of the middle Jurassic. Timer from all sides steeply cornices steep cliffs and rocks, the total height of which is about 1000 m above the valley of the river Avar Koisu. The foot of the mountain from all sides cluttered collapsed from the slopes of gravel and boulders.

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