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Profile of Pushkin on the mount Izberg-Tau

Among the numerous monuments in Dagestan, such as the sandy dune Sary-Kum", "Khunzakh waterfalls" rock "Cavalier battery" in Buynaksk, is particularly dear to us natural memorial is a profile of Pushkin on the mount Izberg-Tau at an altitude of 150 meters above sea level. Who has ever been in Izberbash, could admire the top of this rock, on which "lies" the head of Pushkin. The nature of the Dagestan Republic has sculpted a remarkable poet of this miraculous monument to the delight of local producers and tourists. Profile of Pushkin - is a combination of many rocks that come one after the other, and only from one certain place on the road during the descent in the town of Izberbash, clearly visible eagles profile of the great poet, rushing from the mountain to the sea your eyes. And surprisingly prophetic Pushkin said: "I am a monument erected without hands, it has not overgrown popular trail..." the Descendants of the great poet paid tribute to his memory. Pushkin became a symbol of Izberbash. The government of the Republic of Dagestan in Soviet times, adopted a decision "On recognition of the unique landscape, geological and Botanical objects of natural monuments of Dagestan". In the list of natural monuments includes the ash mountain Pushkin-Tau. It's surprising that the very presence of the great Poet puts its invisible imprint on the creative abilities of Dagestanis and izberbasha. a lot of poets and people who just indifferent to the beautiful word and verse, spawned and raised our land. And, of course, many of them gave their tribute to the greatness of the Poet in his poems and songs. There is such a rock in Dagestan, Which is one head turning — And in the outline of the Profile of Pushkin see you. Not a Mirage, whose momentary whim, Not tired of sight deception, This reality, it is a visible miracle Knows the pride of the whole of Dagestan. Just melt away the mist curtain, And will arise from the stone blocks the Chin the familiar bend, Sideburns bluish forest. I saw his appearance With the curly head of unruly, But the whole bronze dearer to me now This miraculous monument. Pushkin... we love it! And in its Herculean strength the Mountains of the Caspian sea, as the magic stone this love repeated.

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