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Automobile sports complex "Nizhny Novgorod ring"

603032, The track is located: Nizhny Novgorod oblast, the 37th km of the route Nizhny Novgorod - Kasimov (R-125) headquarters: Nizhny Novgorod oblast, Nizhny Novgorod, street Pamir, d. 11-L
+7(831)423-42-93, 429-00-77

The object of the world level motor sport complex "Nizhny Novgorod ring" – a new stage of development of Motorsport and the formation of autoculture in Russia.

Ask "Nizhny Novgorod ring" was opened in the summer of 2010, constructed in accordance with the standards of the International automobile Federation (FIA), the track allows for all kinds of events, including international, except Formula1. Great for all types of circuit racing, motorcycle racing, drag racing, karting.

Besides the sport of track and all necessary equipment for racing, built a car Park and covered grandstand, allowing spectators to see almost all the interesting parts of the route.

"Nizhny Novgorod ring" – has become the venue of major Russian Championships in racing and motorcycles races, international competitions, national Amateur series car racing, test vehicles of leading world manufacturers, driving courses from professional racers, private events. Athletes speak about the track as an interesting track that requires pilots of high skill.

In 2015, the "Nizhny Novgorod ring" has completed the construction of the second phase of the complex, which includes 24 spacious box, bleachers for 5,000 people, control the race, press center, office rooms.


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