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At one time the village of Tarchala was the witness thought, of suffering, of declarations of love of the great Russian artist I. E. Repin. He came here in 1890, "the Queen of Chartala" — Elizabeth Nikolayevna Zvantseva arts, unrequited crush. "Never in my life have I loved so out of line with such selflessness..." Who is she — the fatal passion of the painter?

"Mysterious languishing lovely Oriental eyes..." Elizaveta Nikolaevna was the granddaughter of a Turkish Pasha, a girl with character. At the age of 16 tried to get away from home. Becoming the new owner of the village organized a school for peasant children, a community theater. Contemporaries noted that the Zvantseva was sharp and tenacious mind.

The painter and his Muse met in St. Petersburg, where he taught her painting. Ilya Repin was desperately in love, and Elizabeth Zvantseva only sincere admired his skill and talent. However, to forget her, he could not: "it is Easier to break with your kids!.. And You? How to break up with You?.."

"I have a wish: if she turns around... You are turned". No, in Tarchala manor house, the library-Museum "Manor Zvantseva arts". But the Park avenues remain the keepers of the unrequited love of an artist.

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