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Sometimes the quiet and picturesque Vetluga is famous for its capricious character, so perfect for kayaking and to travel on an inflatable boat. Different levels of difficulty trails suitable for experienced hikers and explorers. The upper reaches of the river suitable for real lovers of extreme sports. If you go to Shar'i, you can be in true wilderness, where no people or signs of civilization. Complete harmony with nature – the quiet whisper of old trees and the soothing sound of the river.

Start the journey at the headwaters of the Vetluga better from the village Kunaeva from the highway bridge, but also reachable by bus from the station shabalino (Lenin) line Yaroslavl - Kirov.

Here the river is quite narrow (10-20 m), the winding, the bottom is muddy or sandy, in the shallows and rocks. On the banks of coniferous and mixed forests.

But especially the popular tourist route along the middle reaches of the Vetluga, Vetluzhskiy to Shar'i where can be found not only in canoes, but rafts. Kayakers approaching from the station of Sharya to the village Naked. Platonici go to the village Pustoshka, which formed rafts for rafting on the Vetluga. Here you can build a raft, having obtained permission for rafting office.

Shortly after Ivanichi offers a panorama of the city of Vetluga, known from the XVII century, now the regional center of Nizhny Novgorod region. It is recommended to visit the Museum. From the city, if necessary, you can go by road to Uren station (45 km) and further on by electric train to Nizhny Novgorod.

Although Vetluga in the lower reaches – a wide navigable river, but this stretch of the journey, it has its appeal. There are many good sandy beaches. Left coast mostly flat, wooded, right – a steep, steep. In the floodplain lakes and bays.

Below the confluence of the left tributary Mouth on the right Bank of the Vetluga is a large village of Voskresenskoe. Here you can make a day's rest and an excursion to legendary lake Svetloyar.

At the village of Satiri, located 9 km from the mouth, you can stop and take a tour to the village of Yurino, which lies 5 km from Sutera and 1 km from the Volga river. Near the village in a shady Park is the former estate of count Sheremetev, built according to the project serf architect says, " resembling the outlines of medieval castle.

Journey on the Vetluga ends in the town of Kozmodemyansk, which is more to go 5 km along the Volga.

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