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Equestrian club "Pulkovo"

Nizhny Novgorod region, Borskiy district, village, Pulkovo
+7-908-736-07-83; +7-910-395-18-75

Horseback riding is a great way to spend time with benefits for the soul and health! Horses are unique animals who generously give the man what has no price: the joy of communication, sincere devotion. Next to them is never lonely!

Equestrian club "Pulkovo" surrounded by a true Russian nature – the woods, the vast expanse of fields, the majestic river Volga. Here you can not only ride horses but also learn professional horse riding under the guidance of an experienced instructor. You can engage with any age and level of training. Individual and group lessons.

In between skiing you can enjoy tea from a real Russian samovar, to fry meat or sausages on the campfire or the grill, walk around the club and meet the other inmates!

For children and students prepared a special excursion program. Here everyone can feel like a real boy scout at any time of the year: to cook food on the fire, sit in a real army tent, to clean the horse and ride it. It offers a fascinating story about horses, their contents, the breeds and equestrian sports. At the end of the program - demonstration performances.

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