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Surf camp "FREEDOM". School kite and Windsurfing

Nizhny Novgorod region, Gorodetskiy district, Gorky sea, near the boarding house "Petrel"
+7 (831) 410-97-72, 8-(800)700-70-81

FreeDOM is a special project for development in the Nizhny Novgorod region such sports as Windsurfing and kite surfing. It's two iconic sport that teaches a person to interact with the two most powerful elements – WATER AND WIND.

The FreeDOM space is a small surf the world on the shore of the Gorky sea, with its infrastructure, design houses, Chillout, bath, and great choice of equipment for Snowkiting and Windsurfing!

In the summer of the FreeDOM space is a surf camp where you can learn widsurfing from scratch or to hone your skills with Board with a sail. Experienced surf instructors will help you master basic skills and reach new heights. You can also rent equipment.

You can come for the weekend and week! Some stylish summer houses are always waiting for guests. They are perfect for a romantic weekend with your partner, and for gatherings in the company of closest friends.

Freedom – a place where creative and positive energy attracts people of a special kind: active, strong, free, where they will share their knowledge and skills with those who want to hear them.

In addition to learning to windsurf, held tea ceremonies, and various workshops on yoga, dance, acting, the art of the fire, drum, ethnic, psychological trainings.

The space of FreeDOM opened for corporate events and celebrations. Stay in the space of FreeDOM – the opportunity to learn new sports and discover new sides of your personality!

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