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The monument of the Archpriest Avvakum

Nizhny Novgorod oblast, Bol district, the village of Grigorovo

Here on the Bol land in the village of Grigorovo in 1621 was born the shepherd of the old Orthodox Church, a fighter for the old faith, Archpriest Avvakum. Incredible inner strength, Habakkuk, his belief in his words, suffering comparable to the suffering of the first Christians, will excite all who read "the Life of Archpriest Avvakum written by himself them"," there is in this work and lines like "the Birth of my Nizhegorodskij in the vicinity of...". His father was a priest. On the site of the temple, where his father served Habakkuk, the Church stands in the name of Kazan icon of mother of God of the eighteenth century. Interesting temple and the fact that he has two bell towers: one age of the Church of the XVIII century, another, younger – XX century

The owners of the land in the 17th century were members of the noble family of Morozovs. Strange coincidence, maybe, and the pattern seems to be the fact that the last owner of these lands from Morozov was Fedosia the p. the Boyarynya Morozova from the eponymous painting by Surikov. She remained devoted to his teacher and Habakkuk, like him, gave their lives for their faith.

The whole figure of Habakkuk expresses vitality and heavenly will of all old believers. The monument, which was installed in 1991 (sculptor V. Canines), very expressive and unexpected for a normal village, but the village of Grigorovo special to the history of Russia and history of Russian literature. Seem incredibly poignant words on the scroll in the hands of Habakkuk: "...Excuse me, a sinner, and paolites on me, and God will forgive and bless...".

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