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The monument is a bas-relief of Patriarch Nikon

Nizhny Novgorod oblast, Perevozskaya district, village Valdemanco

Patriarch Nikon – the holder of the title "Great sovereign", the first counselor of the Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich, in which the power of the Patriarch was equal to the king. Being a fierce opponent of the "old faith", he has introduced new rules and rituals for Church services, which operate in the official Orthodox Church to this day.

Village Valdemanco birthplace of the famous Church reformer. The monument is a chapel with a bas-relief of the Patriarch delivered the house of the family of Nikon, beside him, where the spring is and baths.

As you know, childhood future Patriarch was not just bad, even terrible because of the ill-treatment of stepmothers. Little Nikita had to run away from home to Macarius, the Holy Trinity monastery if.

Interesting fact that the birthplace of a future opponent of Patriarch Nikon, Avvakum is located a few kilometers from Veldemani. By the way, they are often compared and noted a lot of similarities in their lives and characters.

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