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The area of the three temples is a sample of religious tolerance

100-150 years ago this place was the city outskirts and was named the Big ravines. In fact it was ysica settlement. Now it is not only near the center of the city, but a sample of the peaceful coexistence of three different religions.
In the 80-ies of the XIX century by the merchant Alexander Priezzhev here and now is the intersection of 3rd street and Shevchenko (former Arkhangelsk) — built parish Church of the resurrection of Christ. The main altar of the Church was consecrated in 1886. Soon also approved the project for construction pristroit with the South and North sides. However, the October revolution brought about changes in the life of the Church. In Soviet times, the premises was rebuilt, it housed a bakery. And only about ten years ago, the Church was returned to the diocese. By the time the next to her was erected the Central Church Church of Christian seventh day Adventist, an organization existing in Nizhny Novgorod from the end of XIX century. By the way, not so long ago representatives of this denomination have not had the opportunity to meet openly, to conduct their religious and social activities.
Near these two buildings on the donations of parishioners today is built another religious building — the Armenian Church of "the Savior" (Christ the Savior). As you know, in the XIX century in Nizhny Novgorod, on the territory of Nizhny Novgorod fair appeared first on Armenian Church, built by the architect Anton Leer. After standing for about 100 years, it was demolished in the 30-ies of the last century. A new temple with a height of 19 m, capacity of 200 people and constructed at the 3rd Yamskaya street, designed in Armenia. It will be directly from the temple part and the administrative and educational complex.

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