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Gorodets Museum of regional studies

Nizhny Novgorod region, Gorodetskiy district, Gorodets, ul. Lenina, d. 11
8 (831-61) 9-27-49, 9-28-49
muzkompleksgrd@rambler.ru, muzkompleksgrd@mail.ru

Gorodets Museum of regional studies is one of the oldest in the Nizhny Novgorod region. It is located in the former Merchant street in the residence of merchant-grain trader and his I. P. Ablaeva. The Museum has long won a reputation as a careful guardian of the past. A number of unique collections have scientific and artistic value on a national scale. Proud of the archaeological collection are the Prince's helmet of the fourteenth century and hanging lead seal of Alexander Nevsky. The creativity of talented craftsmen is reflected in a remote house thread, Gorodets painting, zolotom sewing and other crafts. Of great value is the collection of monuments of Orthodox culture: icons, shroud, banners, books and other items from destroyed churches. Genuine relic is the icon of XIX century "the Theodore mother of God with miracles.

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