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Museum "the Countess Panina's House"

Nizhny Novgorod region, Gorodetskiy district, Gorodets, Rublev str., 16
8 (83161) 9-23-19
muzkompleksgrd@rambler.ru, muzkompleksgrd@mail.ru

The Museum "the Countess Panina's House" you feel the atmosphere of an old aristocratic manor. Catherine II granted Prince Grigory Orlov lands Gorodets. The last owner of the estate was Countess Sofia Panina. Manor - piece of architecture of wooden Empire style. The Museum will welcome you with songs of old gramophones, gramophones, music boxes. About the bargain tells the scales, steelyards and weights. Undoubted interest are the manuscripts and early printed books from the collection of the merchant Pavel Ovchinnikov, and a rich collection of traditional Russian costume will help to present an image of goodchance in wealthy brocade, silks, zolotom sewing and pearls. Will fascinate visitors and antique clocks from the exhibition "time Lords" - the charm of time the fight will be in fashion always!

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