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Pokrovskiy Park

Primorsky Krai, Vladivostok, Pokrovskiy Park

Pokrovskiy Park is a sacred place of Vladivostok and one of the favorite places of the townspeople. The history of the Park is quite controversial and is a direct reflection of historical cataclysms, took place in Primorye at the turn of 19-20 centuries. The thing is that earlier on the site of the Park was the city's cemetery, Upakovka not a single outstanding figure of Primorye and the Far East, as well as intercession Church, consecrated in 1902. Here lie the ashes of M. G. Sheveleva -the founder of the far Eastern shipping company, N. V. Sologub - editor of the first city newspaper, V. S. Shmakov - prospector and Builder of Railways, M. K. Fedorov, the first and unchallenged for 25 years and the mayor.

In 1923 the Soviet authorities decided to abolish the cemetery, and to lay out a city Park. The relatives of the dead were given to the reburial of the remains, but only the dust of Fridolf Huck was buried in the Naval cemetery. The graves of all other rolled asphalt, gravestones paved Central street and Pokrovsky Park blew up.
In the fall of 1934 began construction of the Park with all the attributes of a green hotel : the massive benches, sculptures of pioneers and sportsmen, shooting range, dance floor, a Ferris wheel, swings. The moral side of the question little worried about Soviet power in 1956 in the middle of a Park, a monument to Lenin.

In the post-Soviet era (in 1990), the Park received the status of memorial and was transferred to the Church. Under the demolished Lenin monument was discovered, the surviving Foundation of the intercession Church. Thinking it was a good sign, by the end of 90-ies this place was built the Church of St. John of Kronstadt and the chapel of St. Seraphim of Sarov. Himself Basil's Cathedral was restored in 2000-ies.

In 2009, there laid a commemorative stone to mark the installation of a monument to the saints Peter and Fevronia Murom – the symbol of fidelity and purity of love.

Despite the change of authorities, Pokrovskiy Park has retained its charm and originality. It is equally loved and young and elderly citizens. In his oak alleys strolling parents with children here love to be lovers, fans of chess and backgammon. On weekends it's rush collectors, hosts a variety of tournaments and competitions. In short, Pokrovskiy Park live a full life and is an honored object of pride for locals.

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