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Monument to Peter and Fevronia

Primorsky Krai, Vladivostok'kyi Park, a monument to Peter and Fevronia

Monument to Peter and Fevronia installed in the Central part of the Pokrovsky Park. Orthodox saints, patrons, family unions, their marriage represents a symbol of love and fidelity. On 8 July, and 19 September is officially recognized as a holiday of family, love and fidelity, and memory in honor of Saints Peter and Fevronia is immortalized in many sculptural complexes and memorials.

The idea of a monument in Vladivostok, has put forward and implemented Konstantin Chernyavsky. The site on which the memorial is situated at the junction of three streets, at the apex of which stands the Temple of the Holy virgin. Pokrovsky Park and the monument to Peter and Fevronia is located in the heart of the city of Vladivostok, therefore, are one of the most popular and favorite places for walking residents and guests of the city.

Sculpture depicting lovers Peter and Fevronia, a place to meet couples and the point of passage of a wedding procession. The monument appeared in Vladivostok July 2, 2009 and depicts the saints in rich princely suits, standing side by side and was holding the three pigeons. In addition to Peter and Fevronia, on the pedestal there is a third figure - a hare, which, according to legend, was a favourite Saint.

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