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Grave Of Leo Pushkin

Primorsky Krai, Vladivostok, Pokrovskiy Park. Grave Of Leo Pushkin

Leo Pushkin was the grandson of a younger brother of Alexander in Vladivostok. The poet himself was never in the seaside capital, but its named after a street, theatre, memorials, etc. Also in the historic area of the city – Pokrovsky Park – buried his grandson. A few years ago in Vladivostok was the information found that, on 20 January 1920 were buried here Leo Pushkin. After some time, as the note was found, where the grandson of the great poet's thanks to the doctor who some time in Vladivostok, he received services medical.

Leo Pushkin graduated from the cavalry school and subsequently moved to civil service. After some time he became Governor Orenburgskoy region. Tragic circumstances led to the fact that during one of his trips Leo Pushkin suffered serious injuries from the angry revolutionaries. Treatment it passed in many Russian cities, and abroad in Japan. Then the grandson of Pushkin arrived in Vladivostok, where he got to Dr. Blumenfeld and received treatment in the building of the present Institute for the Humanities. Grave of Leo Pushkin is one of the important monuments and important contribution to the history of the city of Vladivostok.

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