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Monument to Alexander Pushkin was erected in Vladivostok in 1997, the Grand opening took place on 3 July. The mastermind was a famous sculptor Mikhail Anikushkin. It was located in Pushkin square, in preparation for the APEC summit, both objects were eliminated. In 2013, a gift to the city was made in the form of sculptures of the great poet near the Pushkin theater. The Creator of it was Eduard Barsegov. The monument is made in a non-standard style: here the poet is depicted as happily reading his poems of a man with a book in his hands. A deep dive into the inner world, the facial expression is full of emotional contradictions and suffering – all of which are distinctive features of the memorial.

It was here in this place are all commemorative events in honor of Pushkin: Pushkin's readings, the celebration of the birth and death of the great poet and much more.

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