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Derbent – one of the most ancient and “living” cities of the world

368607, The Republic of Dagestan, Derbent city



Derbent - one of the most ancient “living” cities of the world. Derbent is situated along the western seaside of the Caspian sea, here the mountains of the Big Caucasus come the closest to the shores of the Caspian sea, it is in 125 kilometers to the south-west of the republican center – the city of Makhachkala.

The first settlements appeared here in the Early Bronze Age – in the end of IV millennium BC. Derbent is the oldest cultural center of Daghestan, the furnace of its spiritual and material culture, from where art, decorative handicraft, written language, Islam’s and other world religions’ values spread.

Combination of unique monuments of history, architecture and archeology with the splendor of natural landscapes and favorable climate gives the whole area the significance of a large center of domestic and international tourism.

In the historical inhabited part of the city there are numerous monuments of history and architecture – ancient mosques: Mosque with minaret of the VIII century, Dzhuma-mosque of the VIII century, Kilisa-mosque of the XI – XIII centuries, Kirkhlyar-mosque of the XVII century.



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