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Alexander garden

Manezhnaya Sq., Kremlin, western side

Consists of three parts: The Upper Garden (Verkhny Sad) begins from the Revolution Square and ends at the Troitsky Bridge, the Middle Garden (Sredny Sad) begins at the bridge to Borovitskaya Tower of Kremlin and further to Kremlevskaya Naberezhnaya (embankment) where the Lower Garden (Nizhny Sad) is situated. The Garden is full of architectural monuments the main of which is the Kremlin Wall.  It begins with the Angular Arsenal Tower next to which the garden’s cast iron gates are located (architect E. Paskal), then you can see the Middle Arsenal Tower with a grotto ‘Ruins’ underneath, and Troitskaya and Kutafiya Towers united with Troitsky Bridge, and Komendantskaya, Oruzheynaya and Borovitskaya Towers. The monument in honour of 300-year reign of the House of Romanov was erected in the garden in 1914, but the names of revolutionary activists instead of the names of regnant persons were engraved on this monument in 1918. The memorial ‘The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier’, including Eternal Light and the Monument to the Hero Cities, was opened in 1967.

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