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1, Dolskaya Street,
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This is the natural and historical park and strictly protected natural territory in the South Administrative Okrug of Moscow. It was established in 1984 and was integrated into a palace ensemble of the failed residence of the Empress Catherine II near Moscow. Architectural and park complex was established in the last third of the XVIII – at the beginning of the XIX century. This culture preserve possesses multi-profile collections, including items of modern decorative and applied arts, and artistic heritage of the XVI-XX centuries: painting, graphics, icons, furniture, tapestry, and decorative and applied arts. Nowadays, the SCP Tsaritsyno is represented with seven historic buildings, cascade of ponds, landscape park with greenhouses, pavilions, pergolas, bridges and grottos. This culture preserve is one of the largest historical and cultural, museum and exhibition, natural and touristic complexes in Moscow and Russia.  

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