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Vladimir Oblast

Vladimir Oblast is the birthplace of Russian statehood and a real treasure trove for people interested in Russian Orthodox culture. This region contains iconic places where Russia's history was made. The famous Golden Gate of Vladimir, the Church of the Intercession on the Nerl, and the white-stone Saint George Cathedral in Yuryev-Polsky can all still be seen today.

Vladimir oblast. The Church of the Intercession on the Nerl
Павел Пелевин
Vladimir oblast. Vladimir. The Cathedral of the assumption
Павел Пелевин
Vladimir oblast. Vladimir. St. Demetrius Cathedral
Павел Пелевин
Vladimir oblast. Ferris wheel "Sky 33"
Vladimir oblast. The Spaso-Preobrazhensky monastery
Фотобанк Лори

Vladimir Oblast is one of the oldest historical and artistic centers in Russia. Grand Duchy of Vladimir influenced the culture of all North-East Rus: Vladimir architecture is reflected in the stone architecture in Moscow and other Russian towns. The best examples of Vladimir-Suzdal architecture of the 12th-13th centuries are the white-stone Cathedral of Saint Demetrius and the Golden Gate in Vladimir, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Meshchyora National Park is an area of forests, rivers and swamps. It is popular with fans of canoeing, hiking, fishing and mushroom and berry picking. There are lots of lakes all over the region. Yellow and white lilies flower on the mirrored surface of the unusually clear and beautiful lakes of the Davydovskaya floodplain. It is very difficult to reach some lakes, for example Kshchara, Sankhar, Yukhor, but even so, these are the ones that independent hikers are attracted to.

Vladimir Opolie, which is as fertile as the legendary Ukrainian Black Earth region, stretches to the north of the Klyazma River. Since olden times, onions, cucumbers, horse radish have been grown here and sent on cart to Moscow. And every year since 2001, in late July, in the heat of the cucumber season, Cucumber Day is celebrated. By the way, Suzdal vegetable growers offer visitors cucumbers that are pickled, salted with horse radish, dill and currant leaves almost all year round. Opolie is not only famous for its cucumbers but also the famous Vladimir cherry and the sweet Nevezhinsky rowanberry.

Mstera is an ancient village inhabited by icon painters and miniaturusists, one of the largest centers in Russia for traditional arts and crafts — miniature lacquered boxes made from papier mâché, embroidery and jewelry. The Mstera Museum holds a large collection of works created by talented craftsmen.

The ancient city of Murom is inextricably linked with many Orthodox saints: Princes Konstantin, Mikhail and Fyodor who converted Murom's inhabitants to Christianity; and Prince Peter and Princess Fevronia, whose life and love story is described in one of the greatest works of ancient Russian literature — The Tale of Peter and Fevronia of Murom. These two saints are regarded as patrons of marriage and family, which is why, in 2008, Murom was named the capital of the first Russian Day of the Family, Love and Faithfulness, which is now celebrated on July 8 every year and attracts visitors from all over the world. Ilya Muromets, the hero of Russian epic tales, was born in the village of Karacharovo near Murom. The town is famous for its unique souvenirs; you can buy maces and clubs, swords and helmets, original footwear made of leather and straw, linen tablecloths, towels and napkins.

Suzdal, with its white-stone Kremlin, is part of Russia's Golden Ring. Suzdal's wonderful ensemble and ancient street planning have been preserved, together with the many monuments and unique museums attracting lovers of old Russia from all corners of the earth.

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