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Perm Krai

Stretching from the north to south along the Kama River, the history of Perm Krai is stored in numerous legends reflected in the names of cliffs, rocks and rivers. Perm wooden sculpture, also known as "wooden gods", was born here; the indigenous people have long practiced paganism. Even when they converted to Orthodoxy, they were unable to worship flat icons. Today, Perm Krai provides unlimited opportunities for outdoor activities: the open-air Khokhlovka wooden architecture museum and the natural beauty of the Volga region.

Perm Krai. Perm wooden sculpture
Фотобанк Лори
Пермский край
Пермский край

Probably the most popular activity here is water tourism, especially travelling along the Chusovaya River, an ancient route of timber rafters who carried metal on barges from Ural mining factories. There are plenty of walking routes through the low and easily accessible Ural Mountains that pass famous tourist sites: Stone town, Vetlana rock, Pisany rock, Yermak, Polyud and the Usvinsky Devil's Finger.

There are many beautiful waterfalls in Perm Krai. The Zhigalanskie waterfalls are one of the most beautiful in the Urals. The Plakun Waterfall is called the Holy Ilyinsky Spring, and its water is believed to have healing properties. The Plakun freezes in winter, as if time has stopped.

Caving is becoming popular in the region; the water washing the underground mountain rocks has created many caves. The most popular is the Kungur Ice Cave. It is the only cave in Russia equipped for visitors. Lovers of caving are attracted by Orda cave, the longest underwater cave in the world with 4,500 galleries.

Perm's health resorts are located by mineral salt resources, which are taken to treat most illnesses of the stomach and other organs. One of the largest health resorts in Russia, Ust-Kachka, is situated here. It is famous for its healing waters: sulphurous, bromine-iodine and medicinal water of the Ust-Kachinsk.

The world-famous Perm wooden sculptures (wooden gods) are carved icon sculptures created by local craftsmen. Perm wooden sculptures were found in churches in north Perm Governorate in the 17th and 18th centuries. The indigenous people have long practiced paganism; even when they converted to Orthodoxy, they could not worship flat icons. Therefore, they cut out figures of Jesus and other holy people from wood, in essence continuing the long tradition of wooden idols. These large images were much closer to them. In Perm Krai, it is worth visiting the first open-air wooden architecture museum in the Urals, the Khokhlovka Architectural and Ethnographic Museum; Perm's ballet is famous around the world, and Perm is home to one of the best choreography schools in the world. Its dancers now dance all over the world: in America and Australia, in Ireland and Japan. The Arabesk open ballet competition is held in Perm Krai.

There are other events in the region that attract visitors: The International Diaghilev Festival, the Flahertiana International Festival of Documentary Film and the KAMWA International Festival of Modern Ethnic Culture. The most spectacular event in the Urals is the annual hot air balloon festival that attracts thousands of visitors from all over Russia and the world. The festival closes with the famous Dance of the Elephants; in the dusk, gigantic illuminated balloons start "dancing", rising and falling to music.

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