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The Republic of Adygea

Adygea is a center for adventure tourism: hiking, rafting and caving are all popular here. Many visitors set themselves the goal of climbing Mount Fisht, which gave its name to the main Olympic stadium in Sochi. Free-riding has become very popular on Lago-Naki plateau. In just one day, you can visit several different climate zones and marvel at the republic's diverse nature and riotous colors.

The Republic Of Adygea
Фотобанк Лори

Adygea is like an open-air nature museum. Dolmen, burial mounds, grottoes, caves and an ancient settlement will excite even the most experienced traveler. There are more than 5,000 natural and historic monuments in the south of the Republic. The most visited attractions are Hadjoh Gorge, Rufabgo waterfalls, Mishoko Canyon, Guzeripl village, Yavorovaya Meadow and Lago-Naki plateau.

Most people come to Adygea for adventure tourism: rafting, horse riding, rock climbing, cycling, trekking and caving in the numerous grottoes and caves.

Bolshoi Tkhach on the Lago-Naki plateau is a favorite place for trekking. One of the most popular routes is the one to the Fisht shelter, climbing up the mountain which gave its name to the main Olympic stadium in Sochi. Hundreds of thousands of people since Soviet times have passed along the famous route thirty "Across the Mountains to the Sea" (from Fisht Oshten Massif to the Black Sea near Dagomys). Interest in these unique places is growing year by year. There are numerous beautiful waterfalls, canyons and rocky gorges near the paths.

Contemporary Adygea together with the Altai Mountains are justifiably considered to be a region with actively developing water tourism. The main waterway in Adygea is the White mountain river. The rapids, camping life, fishing and the beauty of the surrounding nature – all enhance the romance of travelling on water.

Canoeing is another popular activity: the flow of new impressions and adrenaline, the opportunity to see places where few have gone before.

Lago-Naki plateau is rightly considered to be the epicenter of winter activities, it is a magnet for skiers, while in summer it attracts hikers. The conditions in Adygea's midland area are ideal for experiencing a new type of winter activity, free-riding: plenty of untouched snow, relatively low prices and a well-developed infrastructure.

Afterwards, you can visit leisure resorts with swimming pools with hot mineral springs. A couple of days in warm therapeutic water will enhance your health and give you the strength to continue with your activities.

Curious visitors will enjoy the ethno-festivals, where they will get to know the traditions and cultures of the Circassians, Russians, Cossacks, Tatars, Armenians and the many other nationalities living in Adygea. An integral part of ethno-festivals are the fairs, which are still held as they were in ancient times: craftsmen and farmers bring their natural products and handmade souvenirs, trade is brisk and you can taste national dishes. Master-classes are held during the fair on making Adygea cheese or khalyuzh – fried pies with cheese. No one leaves the festival without having tried some of the national cuisine.

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