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The Republic of Buryatia

Buryatia is a treasure trove of natural beauty, ancient buildings and cultural valuables; this is a land with a great history written for centuries. When you travel to Buryatia, you find yourself in the world of old believers, Buddhism and shamans; it is the chance to see land untouched by civilization. Above all, it is worth coming here to see the famous Lake Baikal that has been worshiped since ancient times. This is a place for those who want to look inside themselves and solve ancient riddles.

The Republic Of Buryatia. Baikal
The Republic Of Buryatia. Baikal
The Republic Of Buryatia. Baikal
Фотобанк Лори
The Republic Of Buryatia. Baikal
The Republic Of Buryatia. Verkhne-Angarsk reserve
Емельянов Д.А. , Туристско-информационный центр «Визит Бурятия»
Республика Бурятия. Байкал
The Republic Of Buryatia. Ivolginsky datsan
The Republic Of Buryatia. Ivolginsky datsan
The Republic Of Buryatia. Ivolginsky datsan
The Republic Of Buryatia. Resort "Arshan"
The Republic Of Buryatia. Resort "Arshan"
Курорт "Аршан"
The Republic Of Buryatia. The ethno-complexes "Steppe nomad"
The Republic Of Buryatia. The ethno-complexes "Steppe nomad"
The Republic Of Buryatia. Russian old Orthodox Church
The Republic Of Buryatia. Museum of history and culture of old believers

You can travel to Buryatia at any time of year, despite the harsh and changeable climate. In summer, you can go walking, enjoy water and outdoor activities and ethnographic tours of the old Believers, Buryats, Evenks and Soyots. In winter, the huge space of the Baikal opens up with its fantastical natural sculptures and snow-covered mountain peaks. Winter in Buryatia is the ideal time for active and extreme sports. In spring, you can still attack the slopes, while the ice fishing season is in full flow. Autumn is perfect for visiting health resorts, having a quiet rest, walking and contemplating nature with its marvelous colors, clean air and new sensations.

Many visitors look for places untouched by civilization, where nature has remained unchanged since the time of our ancestors. Buryatia's nature is unique; it combines mountains and steppe, thick impassable taiga, mountain rivers and blue lakes. Nature created every part of Buryatia with inspiration, while local residents have protected it for centuries fr om outside forces.

Lake Baikal is without doubt the jewel of Buryatia. Poets and chroniclers from different eras have given it many epithets: Glorious Sea, the Pearl of Siberia, the Blue Eye of the Planet and Father Baikal. It is associated with hundreds of legends and tales. Local residents look after its splendor with great care and respect. Wild sandy beaches sit alongside pine forest and the Siberian taiga. Rugged cliffs, chains of islands, grass and flowers, rare animals, bright sunshine, the high sky and clear air – all arouse strong feelings, awaken the imagination and give a surge of power.

Buryatia is deservedly known as the region of lakes, and not just because of Baikal; the republic has more than 20 mineral lakes. They all have unique properties, the most famous are: Solyonoye (Kiran), Upper and Lower Beloye, Tagley and Bormashevoye, which have long been recognized as healing places. Buryatia has resorts wh ere the mineral water is as good as that in the famous resorts in the Caucasus and Krasnodar Krai and, at times, is even better: Arshan and Sayny in Tunkinsky District, Goryachinsk in Pribaykalsky District, the Alla, Kuchiger, Umkhey resorts in Kurumkansky District, as well as the world famous Shumak with hundreds of therapeutic springs.

Buryatia is a bridge between Europe and Asia, which has had a significant impact on its history and development. Surprisingly, you can still see traditional life, culture and customs of the Buryat, Evenks, Soyots and Old Believers. The centuries-old traditions of hospitality, tolerance and peaceful coexistence unite these people.

If you want to discover more about Buryatia, then you must visit events that are held here every year: The international music festival Voice of Nomads. Baikal-Buryatia, Yohora Night, the ethnofestival Buryatia on the Tea Route, the white month Festival Sagaalgan, the national cultural and sports festival Surkharban, the Evenk festival Boldyor, the Baikal Fashion Week, etc.

Buryatia is a land of contrasts, an area of impressions that you can experience; it's a small world between Europe and Asia, a sunny country between two worlds.

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