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The Republic of Dagestan

Dagestan enchants with its majestic mountains, sunny Caspian beaches, delicious Caucasus food and, most importantly, the wonderful Dagestani hospitality. The Silk Road passed through the ancient city of Derbent. The warm waters of the Caspian Sea, the healing mineral springs, the air in the Gunibsky mountains and the architectural monuments, such as the ancient Djuma-mosque, are the pride of the region. You can visit Dagestan at any time of year; lovers of mountain tourism, ethnographers, historians, hunters and anglers all come here.

Visitors can get to know the history, culture, traditions and customs of Dagestan's peoples; there are historical monuments, working mosques and the oldest Russian fortress town of Derbent where the Silk Road passed in the middle ages.

The landscape, climate, mineral springs and therapeutic mud, the wide sandy strip along the Caspian coast, the warm sea, ionized air, historical, architectural and cultural monuments, as well as the unique ancient culture and art of its peoples, all provide great opportunities for visitors. It is unusual to find a place where mountain and sea landscapes, thermal springs and monuments of architecture and art all come together.

Dagestan is rich in mineral resources: sulphurous (throughout the republic), carbonate (in Dagestan's mountains) and salt-alkaline springs.

The climate of Nagorny Dagestan is unique. The microclimate in the Gunibsky mountains, the rich flora of all three plateaus, in particular subalpine and upper alpine, the variety of picturesque mountain landscapes and the health resort complex with a developed infrastructure create perfect conditions for resting and for climatotherapy.

The sandy beaches of the Caspian Sea are very attractive. The coastline is about 530 km long, of which 260 km is recreational land. The water and air temperature and the length of the days in summer are the same as on the Black Sea coast, while the air humidity is lower, making this place a more comfortable place to rest.

There are many preserved architectural and historical monuments in Dagestan. In Derbent, you can see the Naryn-Kala Fortress from the 6th-11th centuries, Djuma-mosque from the 8th-14th centuries, madrasa from the 15th-19th centuries and a Minaret mosque; in the mountain villages, there are terraces, towers, mosques, signal towers in Western Dagestan, and a minaret in Shinaz from the 18th-19th centuries.

It is worth describing the unique ancient culture and art of the peoples of Dagestan. Folk arts and crafts artisans: goldsmiths from Kubachi, jewelers from Gotsatlya, potters from Balkhara, woodworkers from Untsukulya, rug makers from Southern Dagestan have all won honor and esteem at numerous exhibitions and fairs around the world, while their products are the most recognizable and famous symbols of the mountainous country of Dagestan.

The soft climate, the wide sandy strip along the Caspian coast, the warm sea, clean ionized air, mineral springs and therapeutic mud, unique flora and wildlife, a rich harvest and a wide range of fruit, vegetables and berries, abundant and varied beautiful landscapes, and historical and natural monuments, all make the republic one of Russia's tourist centres.

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