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Ryazan Oblast

Ryazan Oblast preserves the history of countless battles, examples of church architecture—from Naryshkin Baroque to ancient Russian style—and old arts and crafts: Skopin pottery and Mikhailov lace. Ryazan Oblast is crossed by eastern and western traditions: just 250 kilometers from Moscow, in the town of Kasimov, you can find the ancient capital of the Tatar Khanate, which has preserved eastern architecture, dishes, and customs. The classical Russian landscapes of this region are praised in the poems of Sergei Yesenin. "I tell you, I don't need paradise! Give me my Homeland," he wrote, looking at the endless expanse of the banks of the Oka River.

Ryazan oblast. Ryazan Kremlin
Ryazan oblast. The Museum-reserve of S. A. Yesenin
Музей-заповедник С.А. Есенина
Ryazan oblast. The Church Of The Holy Trinity
Архиповы Маргарита и Владимир
Ryazan oblast. Svyato-Nikolo-Cherneevskaya monastery
Ryazan oblast. Solotchinskaya the monastery of the Nativity of the blessed virgin Mary
Министерство культуры и туризма Рязанской области
Ryazan oblast. Khan's mosque
Ryazan oblast. New mosque

The ancient Russian town of Skopin is situated in the south west of Ryazan Oblast. It was made famous by Skopin potters. Skopin pottery is the production of glazed shaped vessels, candlesticks, sculptures, decorated with complex molding in the shape of dragons, centaurs, fairy tale lions, as well as fish, birds, and pets. The Skopin artisans developed their own original methods of firing and glazing. The work of the artisans often contained images of the legendary Skop bird, which gave the town its name.

The only Russian colored lace has long been made in the ancient town of Mikhailov. Mikhailov artisans can use up to 60 pairs of bobbins. This is a very original lace, it doesn't depict any flowers or plants, unlike most lace from other Russian regions. The lace pattern is strict and geometric: it is based on an ancient type of ornament, whose elements symbolize the sun, water, and femininity. Despite the strictness of the pattern, Mikhailov lace is very colorful, filled with the joys of life. It uses modest colors, as well as bright, cheerful combinations of red and white with blue, red and white with yellow, and red and black. By the way, Ryazan artisans are happy to reveal the secrets of their craft; visitors can join pottery and lace master classes and take home a Ryazan souvenir made with their own hands.

Tatar communities are active in Podlipky and Akhmatovo in Kasimovsky District. Here they carefully preserve and hand down from generation to generation the language, traditions, customs, rituals, Tatar traditional dress and everyday items. Tatar families celebrate Eid al-Adha and Eid al-Fitr and hold the traditional Tatar national celebration Sabantuy, which brings together Tatars from Kasimovsky District and visitors from other districts and Kazan.

Ryazan Oblast is home to the international status Oka state natural biosphere reserve and the Meshchyorsky National Nature Park. Visitors to the reserves can enjoy hiking, cycling, canoing, and skiing.

Near the village of Mikhei in Sapozhkovsky District, you can find a mineral spring and wonderful therapeutic mud deposits. This mud is used in all Ryazan's health resorts.

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