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Samara Oblast

Samara Oblast is situated in the mid-Volga. The region's capital has the longest river embankment in Russia and the highest railway station in Europe. Samara is also famous for its factories that produce the most popular beer in the country. The surrounding landscapes and the life of the local inhabitants has inspired many great Russian artists. One of the most picturesque and mystical places in Samara Oblast is Samara Bend, a hairpin bend in the Volga River. Here you can see beaver, boar, elk, or fox.

Samara oblast. National Park "Samarskaya Luka"
Samara oblast. National Park "Samarskaya Luka"
Samara oblast. Rides in the Samarskaya Luka
Samara oblast. Zhiguli mountains
Samara oblast. Zhiguli mountains. Caves
Samara oblast. Zhiguli mountains. Caves
Samara oblast. Syzran
Самарская область
Samara oblast. Mount Strelnaya
Samara oblast. Mount Strelnaya
Samara oblast. Blue lake
Samara oblast. Racheyskie Alps
Samara oblast. Racheyskie Alps
Samara oblast. The festival "Journey to the past"
Samara oblast. Tsarev Kurgan
Samara oblast. Togliatti. The race "Volga quest"
Samara oblast. Togliatti. The race "Volga quest"

Samara Bend is a unique place, formed by a hairpin bend in Europe's longest river—the Volga. The river curves here for about 200 kilometers long and passes the Zhiguli Mountains. The bend is home to the Samarskaya Luka National Park and the Sprygin Zhiguli Nature Reserve. The talisman of the national park is the fox, one of the most common animals in Samara Bend. In addition to cliffs and rocks, burial mounds and grottoes, caves, springs and lakes, this area contains picturesque villages and dozens of ancient churches.

Samara Oblast has many attractions that can be called the "most". It has the highest railway station in Europe, one of the deepest bunkers in the world—the Stalin's bunker in Samara, the longest Volga embankment and, so they say, the prettiest women in Russia.

Syzran is the tomato capital of the Volga region. Every year, Syzran celebrates the Syzran Tomato festival. The tomato festival takes place accompanied by happy and catchy tunes, famous songs, and wonderful marches played by international brass bands.

The Zhiguli Cherry folk festival is dedicated to the Beshchevsky Cherry which only grows in the foothills of the Zhiguli Mountains. Food professionals and amateurs gather here every year to share their tastiest cherry pies with everyone. Traditional Russian entertainments and parties are held here as well as a craft fair with master classes for everyone and much more.

Although, Samara hosts festivals every weekend in summer, the festival season actually lasts all year. For example, the traditional Zhigulyovskoe Sea marathon is run in late February in Tolyatti. During the marathon, hundreds of colorful kites fly in the sky above the ice of the Kuybyshev Reservoir;  you can watch thrilling kite racing and there is an impressive winter entertainment program with something for everyone to enjoy.

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