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Social Media Monitoring

About the technology
   AIS "Tourism" (PMPN), the subsystem of monitoring of consumer sentiment, is based on the analysis of user messages on social media, obtained by geographically distributed automation system (GDAS).
   GDAS collects data from such Internet resources as: Twitter, VKontakte, Facebook, Odnoklassniki, Google+, LiveJournal, YouTube, Instagram, thousands of blogs, message boards, review websites, online mass media and thematic websites. Full list of resources, as well as statistics on the number and dynamics of messages, is available on the statistics page.
   Dynamics of distribution in the Russian regions is presented on the page “Distribution in the Russian regions”.
   Upon request from PMPN, GDAS provides the following information for each of the monitored topics:
- messages with references on the subject during the preceding calendar month;
- total number of references on the subject during the preceding calendar month;
- tone of references on the subject from the first group as a percentage of positive and negative references;
- tourist destinations prevailing in the number of references in the context of subjects from the first group;
- tone of references on the subject from the second group as a percentage of positive and negative references;
- analytical reports.

   Complex systems of data filters, developed for the analysis, allow to exclude advertising, automated and other messages undesirable for analysis and rating construction from consideration.
   The filters allow you to select to view and analyze messages with certain parameters. You can filter messages by:
- Resource type;
- Resource;
- Author;
- Tone; 
Tone determination
   To determine the tone of messages in the system, a unique composite approach combining statistical and linguistic methods is used. The uniqueness of the method consists in determining the message tone with respect to the considered object, and not a system as a whole, since one and the same message can have a different tone related to different monitored objects depending on the context. Analysis of words and collocations with relation to the object of monitoring increases the accuracy of determining the tone of the message up to 80-90%.

   The two following subject groups are monitored:
- tour operators;
- tour destinations.
   "Tour Operators Rating"/"Tour Destinations Rating" (Rating) shows how users of social media perceive tour operators/travel destinations and is constructed on the basis of the total number and tone (positive, negative, neutral) of messages.
   The most common tourist destinations in Russia are included in the rating. Monitoring of messages is implemented based on more than 70 thousands of resources, including blogs, social networks, message boards, review websites, etc. (twitter.com, vk.com, livejournal.com, facebook.com, odnoklassniki.ru and many others). The daily volume of posts to monitor is about 20 million.
   Rating is based on the data for the previous calendar month